Pay For SEO Results

Are you one of those people who have tried several SEO companies without getting the desired results? It could be that you have spent a lot of money on various efforts just to increase the performance of your website and you are not seeing an increase in your traffic or sale conversions. At this point, you might be afraid to make SEO investments that will not guarantee results. However, you can change this if you work with 4Seoprojects.

4Seoprojects has been helping clients who have received unsatisfactory results or service from other SEO firms. Most of these clients are extremely skeptical about investing any further in SEO services. This is where our expertise is put on the line because all balance payments are deferred until the results are delivered to customers. When it comes to SEO efforts, client satisfaction is always our number one priority. We are not only guaranteeing improved results, but also offering full SEO packages at very affordable rates.


How the pricing works?

Here are two scenarios:

1. Client provides a few keywords and wants a conditional quote for SEO service. For example, if the client gives 8 keywords and 4 keywords show up in the top 10 or even 20 results, this will require a full SEO payment. If the keywords are not showing up in the desired position, the client will get a refund for 40% of the paid amount.

2.Client provides 8 keywords and chooses a package along with offering a bonus for each keyword that shows in the top rankings.

After the client sends in the payment, an invoice will be delivered with the start and end date for the project. If the desired result is achieved for the target keyword at the end of the project, the client is required to pay the full amount.

Each client with the "Pay for Results" SEO plans will get analytical reports which outline the statistics for the website improvements in the search engine ranking.

How are clients ensured of getting the refund money?

The payments can be made through PayPal with a notation for the amount to be sent out on condition.

We understand that first time clients are not keen on investing large sums of money on a technique without having full knowledge of how the process works. For this reason, we offer a plan that will allow clients to pay only if their websites gain popularity in Google Top Ranking as well as other leading search engines. 4Seoprojects is offering the solution that you need to boost the visibility of your website and improve your search engine ranking. So, choose one of the reasonably priced results-based SEO packages today and defer the final payment until you get the desired results for improved website performance.



Bear in mind that we are not offering full refunds after completing a service in cases where the global keyword does not improve in SERPs. It takes a lot of effort and time to rank global keywords. If you are not seeing an improvement within six months, we will not hesitate to refund 25% of the fee. For instance, if your keyword was ranking in the 52nd position and our service helped it to move up to 45, this would indicate that an improvement was made.