Privacy Policy


The purpose of this privacy policy is to give you an explanation of exactly what we do with any personal data that is either collected by this site, or that is provided to us by you.


Information We Collect


The following types of information may be collected from this website:


This website keeps track of all its visitors for statistical purposes including how many pages are viewed, what pages are viewed, where those page views have come from, and where those visitors are located. Specific information related to these statistics may include:


  • your name and address
  • your IP address
  • any information that you provided the while making an order from the site


How we handle the information gathered by the site


The reason we gather this information is to help us better understand our customers needs in order to develop and better the services that we provide. The main reasons for our gathering of this data includes:


  • Maintaining our internal records
  • improving the products and services that we provide for our visitors


If you have provided us with your e-mail address, we may periodically send you a promotional e-mail informing you of any products or services that we feel might interest you.


  • You can feel safe that your personal data is never going to be sold or provided to any other service, and will only be used for the purposes of orders made through our site. No third party will ever receive your information from us for any type of marketing or advertising purposes, or for any other purpose that has nothing to do with our services specifically.



Site Security


You can feel safe browsing our website because we have implemented many secure features in order to maintain the security of both our own business operations, and that of our clients.


Cookie Use Policy


All a cookie is, is a file that is placed on your computer with your permission that tracks your travels through a website. They are often used to remember your login details for websites and make it less of a hassle for users to access their accounts on sites because they don't have to input their details each time they visit. Many websites use them for different purposes as they can be tailored to a sites needs and can easily and conveniently store all of a visitors site preferences.


The way in which we make use of cookies is simply to track a visitors progress through our websites so that we can analyze the data in an effort to better improve the user experience, and better meet your needs. We will never be able to gain access to your personal computer from the use of these cookies, nor any of your personal information. After we have compiled our statistical data, all of this information is deleted from the system.


The majority of web browser are set by default to allow the use of cookies, but you can easily opt out of their use. If you do choose to opt out of accepting the use of cookies on your computer however, you may then be limited to the features you can use that are offered by our website.


Outbound links to other sites


It is not uncommon for us to link to other websites that are relevant to the content of this site, or that we feel may be of interest to our visitors. If you make use of these links, you need to realize that we do not have any control over the user experience that you will have on that other site. We also cannot take any of the responsibility for the protection of your privacy when you leave this site, as every website has their own privacy statements and rules governing how they use the data that they collect from their visitors. You should always use your own caution, and go over the privacy statements of any of the websites that you like to frequent in order to ensure the safety of your data.


If you have any further questions about our privacy policy, and how we use the data that we collect, please feel free to send your questions and concerns to us  and we we'll attempt to clarify those concerns.