How do I start my SEO Projects?

SEO packages are for three month time periods. Payment is made in advance.

Do you help pick the best keywords?

We provide basic keyword research, at no additional cost, to ensure you have the right keyword to draw good traffic to your site.

What if I have a highly competitive keyword and a small budget?

We encourage you to select low competition keywords, which drive traffic.  Often highly competitive keywords take a minimum of months and sometimes years to rank.

Once I receive the desired results, Can I Stop the SEO service?

If you choose to stop your service your competitors may overtake your position.  SEO is not a hit and miss process it is ongoing.  An immediate stop of SEO service could be detrimental to your business.

Is your service trustworthy?

Our service includes a 3 month money back guarantee* for new customers.  If within 3 months you do not see serp improvements for your local keywords we will offer a mone back guarantee.
What are my Payment Options?

We accept paypal, moneybookers, UK and India  Bank Transfers. Please remit all payments in advance.  

Do you offer any guaranteed  front page ranking?

While no one can guarantee front page results since google rankings are dependant on a number of factors.  However, we can show a number of our clients who received front page ranking.

Are my website password and login information safe?

We do not need website user login information or a password to start SEO.  All onpage changes are expected to be done by the client.  You will receive a detailed report of our suggested changes.

What happen if  I choose not to do onpages SEO on my site?

When it comes to ranking keywords onpage structure is very important.  We may be able to help you, with the changes, if you do not know how to do them.

How can I verify the SEO work?

You can verify our live links and work any time, and we will send a complete SEO report at your request.

What about support?

You can contact us by email and Skype.

Do you offer reselling SEO service?

Yes.  In keeping with our standard of professionalism and business ethics we will never contact your client

Do you accept all kind of sites for seo service?

We reserve the option of refusing sites we think are not suitable to us.  We never accept adult sites or gambling sites.