All clients must confirm that they are complying with the following items to ensure the delivery of successful results:

- A client will not and has not used another firm for search engine optimization during the service period.

- A client agrees not to use spamming or unsafe SEO techniques, exchange links with any link farms, or engage in any other harmful activities online during the service period.  These are all activities that can cause serviced websites to obtain lower ranking in Google’s search engine.

- The client affirms that the website is not using free web space through unframed or framed domain forwarding during the period of servicing.

No guarantee is given for services unless it is outlined clearly in a written communication that is shared with the client.  Online marketing is very unpredictable, so we cannot guarantee what position a site will be placed in the ranking.  In actual fact, we cannot provide clients with an ironclad guarantee for website ranking or calculate the amount of traffic a website can get from our search optimization services.

Our sole purpose is to deliver well-optimized results for Google search engine.  We are fully committed to increasing the visibility and search engine ranking for our clients' websites.  It is notable that this only applies to Google.

It’s important to point out that a website overall ranking for a particular keyword or search term will depend on whether that word or term is relevant on your web pages and the level of popularity on other sites.  If we suggest or perform any modifications to an on-page, this will require cPanel or FTP access to the site.  It will also require its CMS, content management system, or the email address for the person who is responsible for uploading any changes.  This may not be needed if SEO work is done for off-page.

Payment System

Payments are accepted online from credit cards only through PayPal services.  There is no payment agreement with other online merchants.  Offline payments are also accepted in other forms, such as bank transfers and checks.  It is notable that bank transfers are not accepted from outside of the UK.

It is also important to note that work will not start on orders that are paid for with checks until after five standard working days.  This waiting period ensures that the checks are cleared by the bank.

Customers with monthly payment plans for SEO or search engine optimization services must make payments on the first day of each month or on the first business day of the month.

 Policy for Money Back Guarantee

We have total confidence in the expert services that are offered to customers for website optimization.  .  Once we receive a refund request, an investigation will be completed to determine if the claim(s) is valid for the sole purpose of subtracting the proper amount of fees.  All refunds are processed as quickly as possible.


Our Money Back Policy

All new customers get a money back guarantee for local keywords only during the first three months in the contract period.  Once there is no improvement in the SERP within that period, we will give back 60 percent of the fee.  It is notable that clients will not get a refund on our services if it is not stated clearly in a written form of communication.

Our refund policy is restricted to two local keywords.  For example, a client provides 10 or five local keywords, and two of them improve in the SERP.  Two local keywords were ranking in the 52nd position before the start of the service, and then the ranking moves up to the 45th position after the service.  This would clearly indicate that our service helped to improve the ranking.  No refund will be given in this case.


Other instances when a refund will not be given:

  • A client promoting a website on his/her own or through other service providers
  • If a client fails to change the content on a site based on our requirement
  • If a minimum of two keywords show improvement in the SERP

Money Back Policy

We have a different money back policy for each package, so customers are always advised to get a written statement when using our service in order to avoid confusion.


We maintain the right to keep the copyright of all the SEO blogs and materials that we create.

Link Building

Clients are provided a report with the URL links that we built into their site so that they are able to confirm all of the work that was carried out.  When links are submitted by us, they may be rejected or put on a waiting list for approval.  Doing this gives clients the peace of mind in knowing that we are performing the work as promised.  Any shortfall will be caused by a webmaster’s slow approval of certain links, removal of accounts, and any other general activity that is beyond our control.

Due to the fact that links can be rejected or placed on a list for approval, we:

  • cannot guarantee that a certain amount of links will be created each month.
  • have the full right to terminate an agreement at any given time if the customer’s site contains violent, abusive, racial, or illegal materials, as well as pornography.
  • never allow a third party to contact clients by telephone or email unless it was agreed upon in the original written agreement or through email correspondence beforehand.
  • reserve the legal right to terminate or cancel if a client places an order and then discovers later that the price had been marked incorrectly in our quote or website.
  • can make alterations to our services and products without giving prior notice.
  • have the right to change the information in the service terms and conditions if necessary.